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My Profile

Your profile displays settings and user information specific to you.  

Access your profile by clicking on or near your name (upper right hand corner), and then choose My Profile:

Settings Tab

Time and Date

Use the drop-downs to set the desired time zone and date format

Display Language

The iGrafx Platform user interface can be displayed in multiple languages.

Set the Automatically detect language switch to:

  • On: To display the Platform in the Browser default language
  • Off: To display the Platform in the language at the top of the Preferred Languages list

If Off is selected then to add a Preferred Language:

  1. Click the Language name drop-down and choose a Language

    Only languages currently supported by the iGrafx Platform are listed


More than one preferred language can be added. To switch between preferred languages:

  1. Click the Reorder icon 
  2. Drag and drop the language names in the list
  3. Click the Stop reorder icon 

Model Area

Set the Show change icons in repository tree switch to:

  • On: To display icons showing objects that have changed since you last viewed them

    You can then set Display Change On as desired.

  • Off: To not display change icons in the repository tree

Set the Show Breadcrumbs switch to:

  • On: To display a breadcrumb in the right frame after selecting a repository item
  • Off: To not display breadcrumbs

Change Password

Change your password as desired.

User Info Tab

The information displayed in this tab is typically configured by your iGrafx Administrator.


See the Licenses vs Capabilities Matrix topic to understand the iGrafx capabilities your licenses enable. For example, some licenses allow you to create Reports while others do not.

Cycle Group Memberships Tab

Cycle Groups are used by the Cycle Management capabilities.

Cycle Groups can be defined and maintained in two locations:

  • The repository Configuration Area – these are reusable for any repository item
  • A repository item (e.g. an iGrafx Client document) – these are only available for the specific repository item

This page lists the repository Configuration Area Cycle Groups that you are a member of. Your iGrafx Administrator typically adds you to these Cycle Groups. These Cycle Groups are also referred to as "Named Cycle Groups".

Watched Objects Tab

A list of repository objects you are watching is displayed. See the Watched a Repository Item topic for more information.